About Us


Oak Bay Preschool is a parent-owned school, using a play-based curriculum that:

  • provides social and play experiences with children their own age
  • supports the development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually
  • allows for the recognition of each child’s unique learning style, abilities, and developmental level
  • encourages curiosity and creativity
  • allows for hands on learning, where the curriculum can emerge from the children’s interests, needs and desires; making learning concrete and meaningful
  • provides the experience of having parent and child mutually sharing and participating in the school’s activities
  • includes regular fieldtrips to Goldstream Park during the salmon run, Galey Farms, Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, and Oak Bay Public Library to name a few
  • enjoys in-house visits from Victoria Conservatory of Music, Swan Lake Nature Programs, Community Liasons-Police, Children's Librarian from Oak Bay Public Library and Victoria Compost Center
  • offers monthly parent education sessions featuring topics of interest on child development
  • presents opportunities to work with a diverse group of parents from the community and build lifelong friendships for both the children and their caregivers
  • takes place in an allergy aware, nut free environment