“Parents Are Part of The Preschool”

Oak Bay Preschool is owned and managed by the parents of the children attending. Parents are involved in all aspects of the preschool's operation, from classroom participation to fundraising and social events. Coop preschool provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents who, like you, put family first.


Classroom Participation


You will have the opportunity to be in the classroom, watching your child and her friends grow and learn. Classroom participation is a gift you give to yourself, to your child and to others. Rarely in future years will you have this same chance for active participation and decision making in your child's school facility and program.

Your job as parents in the classroom is to assist the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) as an extra set of eyes and hands. You will have a "duty day" about twice a month. Some of your duty day tasks will be to:

  • - arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the program to help with set-up.
  • - bring appropriate snacks for the children (fruit, crackers, etc.)
  • - supervise the Art Area or roam the various play areas to ensure that the children are playing safely and positively
  • - clean the indoor play area or supervising children playing outside.


Parent Education


Parents attend a two hour meeting each month that includes a Parent Education component. These parent education sessions include stimulating presentations from professionals with information and insights into parenting preschoolers and child development.




Each family volunteers for one of the committees which support the preschool. The Executive Committee, Art Supplies Committee, Fundraising Committee or Emergency Preparedness Committee are just a few of the groups working together to operate a successful preschool.

Community Building

Fundraising efforts include a Silent Auction every November and Christmas Tree & Bake Sale in December.