This is our third year at Oak Bay Preschool, with our second son now in the 3's class. We can't say enough about what a rich experience it has been being part of a co-op. The opportunity to be in the classroom with my child, working alongside the teacher, as well as getting to know the children and their families has been so valuable.

Our son loves coming to preschool every day. Our ECE, Amy, has a wonderful ability for connecting with each child and making them feel valued and cared for. I love how Amy is consistently calm and fully engaged with the children. Her supportive and nurturing environment is a wonderful place for each child to grow in.

- Shari and Scott Alexander


My husband and I feel so fortunate to have had Amy as an ECE for our three boys. She cares so much about the children and all of our boys have loved going to preschool. We have enjoyed getting to know other families in the community and remain close friends with families from our first preschool years 5 years ago. We couldn't have asked for a better start to our children’s schooling!

- Jessie and Will


This is my second year as part of Oak Bay Parent Owned Preschool. My daughter is now in the 4 year olds' class and my son is registered in the pre-preschool program for 2 year olds. I feel very fortunate to have my children start out their school careers with Amy as their teacher. Amy is compassionate and caring. She has an easy way with children. I have watched her gently guide my children, while ensuring they are having fun and feel open to exploring all that her classroom has to offer. I have witnessed my 4 year old blossom under Amy's guidance and I look forward to watching my son do the same as he moves in to the 3 year olds' class in September.

- Kirsten and Aaron Pite


Our preschool experience has been brilliant so far! Amy is such a warm and caring ECE and has made a real connection with our 3 year old son. He has never spent too much time away from us, so we weren't sure how he would deal with being dropped off each time - but Amy has been there to support him (and me!) through this transition in such a positive way. It has been so wonderful to become part of this nurturing community of like-minded parents as well. The time spent in the classroom on the duty days gives me a chance to get to know all the other children personally and to see first hand Amy's philosophy in practice. We are very grateful to be a part of this preschool and look forward to seeing him learn and grow with Amy alongside his friends!

- Melissa and Richard


My son's preschool teacher, Amy, is amazing! She has a gift with children. She is always kind, inclusive and engaging. She encourages the children to be themselves and feeds their endless curiosity. Amy has excellent communication skills and is able to handle all the different personality traits and behaviour issues that sometimes arise among preschool children. Myself, my son and my whole family know that our preschool experience is so wonderful because of Amy.

- Lisa Lozer


We feel so fortunate to have been involved with Oak Bay Cooperative Preschool for so many reasons. Having our children attend a nurturing environment that consciously guides preschoolers to be respectful, inclusive and polite was important for us. Sharing toys and ideas was always encouraged followed by positive reinforcement from our ECE or duty parents.

Our family felt confident and secure leaving our children at Oak Bay Preschool knowing that their philosophy matched ours. Even though our children have different personalities, both embraced kindergarten with ease and confidence thanks to their involvement with Oak Bay Preschool.

– Lara and Mike McCulloch


My husband and I are in our third year at the Oak Bay Coop Preschool. I say we are because I think we learn as much from the experience as our kids. Our son was there for 1 year in the 4s class and our daughter is in her second year. When our son was three we sent him to a Montessori preschool and while we loved the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the school he simply missed us and found it difficult that we could not participate in preschool activities.

When he first went to OBCP he was thrilled I could be present as often as we all liked. My husband and I were apprehensive at first that the lack of focus on formal academics would somehow make him less prepared for his future education. As the year went on we realized how many things he was learning and how the environment of the preschool opened his mind (and ours) to the many ways he could learn. When he started kindergarten his teacher commented on how socially prepared he was for school. Our daughter simply loves everyday of preschool and Sue. The home visit that Sue did just before the start of the 3s class made all of the difference.

– Maria Payne Boorman